Our academic curriculum is modeled on best practices for the acquisition of language, and built on developmentally-appropriate activities based on age and degree of at-home exposure to Ukrainian. Grades kindergarten and above are supported through engaging and colorful textbooks to guide reading and assignments.

All classes are language immersive and taught by native Ukrainians with excellent teaching credentials. Younger grades offer clarification in English if and when it is needed, but we find the youngest students absorb an incredible amount of language.

Academic & Learning Goals by Grade

Preschool:  expose students to wide range of age-appropriate Ukrainian vocabulary and the Cyrillic alphabet.

Kindergarten – 2nd grade: reading and writing in print and cursive. Seasons, nature, animals and household vocabulary. Extended vocabulary through text, poetry and folk songs.

3rd – 5th grade: continued reading, writing and vocabulary. Ukrainian geography & key historical figures. Proper noun and verb conjugations, extended vocabulary through poetry, folk songs and plays.

6th – 8th grade:

9 – 12th grade:


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