First day of school for 2019-2020 academic year

We hope everyone had a great summer! We start our academic year on Saturday September 14th.

Online registration is now open for CYM/Shkola:
The schedule for Saturday September 14 is as follows:
9am: Arrival at school, and then we walk over to St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church together
9:30am: Mass at St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church.
11:00am:  Registration, welcome snack/brunch for all, then the children go to their respective classrooms
11:30-12:30: BK elections (all positions are open)
12:30: end of the day

If anything changes in this schedule, we will keep you informed.

All BK roles are open for the upcoming academic year. We are currently accepting nominations until September 7th.  Please contact Ulana who you’d like to nominate (yourself or a friend).  We will hold elections on September 14th.  You must be present at the election to vote.
Vice President
Secretary / Co-Secretary
Event Coordinator
School Interior Coordinator
Digital and Website Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator

We need your help to finish renovations by September 14th.  Please contact Ulana if you can help any day from 9am-4pm and 7-10pm.  We are off to great start.  We already finished cleaning the walls, scraping, patching the walls and railings, and tomorrow we plan to start Priming!  Join us!

Teachers for this upcoming school year will be:

Sadochok – Marijka Melnyk
Pre-Shool – Oksana Krupa
2nd grade – Vira Gogilchyn
4th grade – Oksana Vovk
6th grade – Lidiya Volosyanko
7-12th grades – Olha Medytska, Viktor Kyrylyk, Igor Nikoliuk.
Check back with us soon for further details!

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